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In the March/ April Sketches, we wrote that Ruth Radlauer was having a book launching party for her memoir, Collaboration, which chronicled the years she and her husband Ed wrote and published over 200 children’s books during their marriage of 56 years.

In our May/June issue we thanked her for her great generosity in donating the proceeds from her book to the gallery for our Gallery Upkeep Fund.

It is with sorrow that with this issue, we report Ruth Radlauer’s death from pancreatic cancer, which she had been battling for almost two years. During this time, we note with awe, Ruth still managed to write two more books!

She was a tireless practitioner of the arts: a writer, editor, teacher, and as she was best known to us at the Gallery, a skilled maker of baskets and jewelry. Her perseverance, focus, and ultimately, great courage, were and will remain, an inspiration to all.

A native of Wyoming, she moved to La Habra Heights in 1950, where she and Ed, wielding hammer and saw, built their lifetime home. She leaves two sons, Dan, and Dave, a daughter, Robin, daughter in law, Karen, and niece, Jad.. She often said that the “afterlife” is being remembered. We will remember Ruth Radlauer.

Submitted by Gwen McCants


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