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Thanks, Eduardo!

Eduardo Suastegui (left) & MIke Tyler at the Gallery, April 2011

Eduardo Suastegui (left) receives an award for outstanding photography from then-Gallery President Mike Tyler at the Gallery’s April 2011 reception (photo by George Rodriguez)

After taking over and making improvements to the Whittier Art Gallery’s website a couple of years ago, then starting up this blog for the Gallery, our friend and fellow artist Eduardo Suastegui has handed-off both to yours truly.

Ed is moving on to other important activities in his life and career, and the Board of Directors of the Whittier Art Association wishes to thank him most sincerely for the excellent work he has done in enhancing the Gallery’s web presence.  He has been very generous with his time and talent, a god-send for an all-volunteer organization like the Association.  He will be missed, and we wish him the best and look forward to seeing him and his work occasionally at the Gallery.

Meanwhile, this blog needs some catching-up, so watch for some posts chronicling events at the Gallery over the past few months.  There’s always a lot going on at the Gallery, so if you can, and as often as you can, you should come by and see what’s happening!

-Mike Tyler


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